Case Studies (OLD VERSION)

Faustin’s Story
Age: 12
Origin: Ngoma District, eastern province
SIBLINGS: 2 brothers living on streets

HISTORY: Faustin did not know his parents. He found himself living with his brothers on streets. He understands from his older brother (15 years old) that their parents died when Faustin was still a baby. Even his two older brothers do not remember their parents’ faces, they grew up living with different people moving from one family to another, asking for food until found themselves living on streets again. The Ngoma District is far from Kayonza District where SACCA found the boys. They said that it took them some week to reach Kayonza. Faustin says that it is difficult for him when to remember the life faced on the streets with his brothers and how he did not know his parents or any relatives. Faustin and his two brothers blame the community for not having any information about their parents and relatives and being rejected until they joined street life. One day, having understood from one person that their father left home saying that he is going to look for a job in Kayonza, the children decided to come to Kayonza to see if they could meet their father but because none of them know their father’s face, to trace him was not easy, Faustin says that when they would meet any man in Kayonza looking like one of them they would ask him if he is their father. They spent years asking the same question “Are you my father?”

They later managed to meet SACCA Social workers who brought them to our centre. Faustin’s brothers left the centre one month and disappeared, telling their brother that they will continue to look for their father until their last day of their life. Faustin is the youngest brother and he decided to stay in centre, behave well and go to school in order to prepare his future life.  He is now in P4 and he is doing well. He is a clever boy who like studying and playing with his friends at the centre.  Faustin is currently in P3 (Grade 4), he was the 4th in his class of about 43 children and is very happy in school and at the SACCA Boys’ Centre in Kabarondo.

CURRENT SITUATION: Faustin has a happy disposition and is very bright. He is very eager to learn and has been taking advantage of the presence of volunteers to do extra work on his English. He has made friends among the other boys and likes playing football in his spare time. He tries to sing, but seems to feel that he doesn’t do a very good job of it. He shares a room with five other boys but nevertheless sleeps well.

Mimi’s Story
AGE: 11
ORIGIN: Kayonza district
PARENTS: both parents died.
SIBLINGS: 3 Step sisters
OTHER RELATIVES:  one Grandmother living in Kayonza, one Aunt living on streets.

HISTORY: Mimi arrived in SACCA with a group of young teenagers working as sex workers from streets, asking SACCA for help. Most of those young girls were between 11 and 16 years old. They knew each other on the streets and worked as a team to help each other to face the difficult situations. Mini’s life experience on the streets is very bad, she remembers people beating her and asking her to perform sexual acts and paying nothing.  At her age, they would pay her small amounts of money, enough just to buy bread or something to eat. Mimi’s parents died from a chronic disease and she lived with her grandmother who is very old and sick; unable to support Mimi with food, shelter, education, clothes and other basic needs. Mimi used to leave her grandmother’s home and come on streets during the day to find food in the rubbish from the market and collect empty bottles in town to sell, returning back  home in evening. One day she decided to leave home for ever when one of the prostitute girls told her that she would offer her a job of looking after children. She found herself living with an alcoholic prostitute girl who used to beat her when she refused to sleep with men.

Mimi along with a larger group of young girls met one of the girls who had been living in a SACCA centre but had later left. She brought these girls to SACCA where they met social workers who decided to admit them into the centre. SACCA helped Mimi to restart her education and she is now in P1.

CURRENT SITUATION: Mimi is now happy in the centre, if you consider the mood she came with, nowadays, she is smiling and growing up.