Mission and Vision


A Peaceful Rwanda without street children where all children are loved supported and equipped with skills to exploit and give them ability to fulfill their potential capacities.


To work with street children and other vulnerable groups addressing their psychological as well as their physiolocal needs through educating the public and advocating for living in an equitably sharing of resources, to achieve sustainable income and food security in a healthy environment.


To empower Street children in order to acquired skills for their sustainable development

To support street children and other vulnerable children through programs of :

  • Protection
  • Reintegration
  • Prevention
  •   VALUES:   Our values lie behind everything we do. They should be reflected in all our communications. The Streets Ahead Children’s Centre Association is:  
  • CHILD-FOCUSED:   as an organization for street-living and street-working children, we try to respond to their needs and desires as dynamically & creatively as possible
  • AMBITIOUS BUT PRACTICAL:   we set our sights high – for the children, not for ourselves – but we accept that our main responsibility is a practical one. We concentrate on making a real difference to these children’s lives.
  • OPEN:   we work without prejudice of any kind. We learn from our experiences, both our successes and failures. We are proud of what we do, and we communicate our work clearly and honestly.
  • COLLABORATIVE:   we seek to work with others whenever we can, in order to achieve more for the street-living and street-working children.
  • ACCOUNTABLE:   we are responsible to those we exist to serve: street-living and street-working children, their families and communities, as well as those who support our work. Professionally and financially, we are sound, scrupulous, efficient and effective.
  • A TEAM:   we value diversity in those who work for the Streets Ahead Children’s Centre Association. We have to balance many expectations, but we support each other and never lose sight of our shared purpose.