Supporting SACCA through donations and child sponsorship Donations For SACCA to be able to continue its work in supporting street children, their families and the local community, it needs to have a regular income of funds. Currently, SACCA receives its financial support from the Rwandan Government, International NGOs and individuals. We are anxious to expand our work with our young people, and all donations are very gratefully received. Child sponsorship One way of supporting SACCA is through its child sponsorship scheme. SACCA and its partners in the UK and Canada run a child sponsorship scheme which brings donors closer to the children they support. Sponsors are invited to support an individual child through regular donations which will cover a budget package for their care and support for a year. The packages, which cover just the costs of materials and goods to support children (and school fees for education) are:
Basic costs Food, water, hygiene RwF 200,000
Clothing and equipment Clothing, bedding, household equipment RwF 105,000
Primary education Uniform, education materials, fees RwF 40,000
Secondary education Varies according to school, and level can be advised by SACCA
Special needs Medical and diet requirements for children with special needs RwF 160,000
Sponsorship is arranged according to the particular needs of individual children, and the amount that the donor is prepared to support. Sponsors receive a profile of the child they support and two reports a year on their progress. If you are interested in child sponsorship please write to us on email address