Our Funders

SACCA’s principal support comes from the organisations listed below, but we are most grateful to the many individual supporters who have seen our work and been moved to give donate money and time to assist us.


World Jewish Relief are a UK based charity providing financial assistance to many projects worldwide. They have been supporting SACCA since 2005. The WJR grant in the past has funded running costs, educational programmes, income generation projects, social work and reintegration. Since 2012 WJR assistance allowed us further to focus on reintegration and prevention activities. WJR provides approximately 45% of SACCA’s operating budget and without their assistance SACCA would not be able to provide anything close to the current services to the children.

Streets Ahead Rwanda

Streets Ahead Rwanda is a UK-based charity which raises money for SACCA. It was formed by Mark and Duncan with the aim of being able to help SACCA to carry out its programmes. Many of our British volunteers join Streets Ahead Rwanda upon return to the UK.

Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF)

MIGEPROF is the Government ministry responsible for all children in Rwanda, including street children. MIGEPROF passes its funds through the National Commission for the Children (NCC) to assist us in our programmes.

The Amakuru Trust

The Amakuru Trust is a charitable trust dedicated to alleviating poverty in Rwanda by supporting education, humanitarian and health projects. In 2013, Mike Hayes, the Amakuru Trust PROJECT DIRECTOR visited Streets Ahead Children’s Centre Association (SACCA) and was impressed with the wonderful work of supporting street children for future self sustainable life through protection, reintegration and prevention. He continued to visit SACCA and promised to support wherever possible. The Charity has supported SACCA with Household equipments, bedding materials (including mosquito nets), Water tanks, reintegration packages and clothing. Since then, The Amakuru Trust is a Partner of SACCA and provides a certain percentage of funds for SACCA running costs and is willing to raise funds for other bigger projects that are to the benefit of SACCA participants and the community where SACCA operates. 

Unity of Children

Organisation of the Rwandan Youth at Risk (ORYAR)

ORYAR is a group of Canadian young professionals concerned about youth at risk in Rwanda. They like to focus on small-scale projects to make a difference. They were founded in March 2011 and have been assisting us since then, specifically with the child sponsorship programme.

Dutch Support SACCA Rwanda

In 2008, Ida Abels came to SACCA where she helped the girls by teaching them handicrafts. Upon return home to the Netherlands, she set about raising money, which SACCA used to buy a car. She also set up Dutch Support SACCA Rwanda, who have been assisting us since then in purchasing specific items such as water tanks and wardrobes for the children, as well as supporting the knitting programme.

Individual Donors

The individual contributors to SACCA are too many to mention specifically, but they include the students of Chico High School in California who as well as participating in a pen-pal scheme with SACCA children have raised money for construction in the Kaborondo boy’s centre. We deeply appreciate all supporters, great and small, individuals and groups!

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