• SACCA ASBL (The Streets Ahead Children’s Centre Association) is a local NGO registered in Rwanda which works to protect and rehabilitate children who have been living on the street as well as preventing them from reaching the streets in the first place. SACCA operates in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Rehabilitation Centres are based in Kabarondo (for boys) and Kayonza (for girls). The Head Office is in Kayonza, and Social Work is coordinated from that office.
  • SACCA currently looks after 55 children in its centres, and provides assistance and support to a further 310 young people. Since its foundation in 2003 SACCA has reintegrated more than 1000 children with family or community.


SACCA has two centres, one for the Boys and one for the Girls. The centres accommodate children and provide all the basic needs(Shelter, Food, Medical care, Education, Recreation and domestic skills) as well as preparing them for reintegration.


SACCA through psycho-social to children and family members, several home visits, it facilitates the mediation of children and families, therefore enabling voluntary reintegration of children into their families, extended families or foster care families

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SACCA supports youth from streets and vulnerable families to have a livelihood that aims at sustainability through provision of:
  • Short courses that easily enable self employment
  • Empower youth with small business and Agri-business

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